Boujaad PINKY

255x212 cm

Limited piece 
100% Wool 
Both sides woven

The process of crafting a rug is extremely complex and time-consuming. Hand-weaving the carpet can take anywhere from several weeks to months. When the rug is finished, it is washed and left to dry in the sun, in order to get rid of left-over dirt and soften the fabric of the rug. This can take one or even several times to ensure that the rug is perfectly soft and cozy. 
Moroccan Berbers living in rural, remote areas of the Atlas Mountains have been weaving rugs for hundreds of years. Traditionally, Berber rugs were made solely by women, who were decorating their homes in preparation for the colder months to come. In the present day, women are still the ones who are responsible for crafting these beautiful creations, while men take care of the sheep and obtain wool for these rugs. 
Our rugs are made entirely of sheep’s wool. Therefore, in the natural process of use, they may occasionally lose fibers. Regular vacuuming and airing the rugs will keep them in perfect condition for a long time. In case of staining, we recommend rinsing the stain quickly with warm water and a cloth. We advise against using strong detergents that can damage naturally dyed wool. If your carpet needs thorough cleaning, we recommend using a professional laundry service.

Beni Ourain

  • Hand Knotted in Morocco
  • 100 % wool
  • Finished with Fringe End
  • Colors can be different from those on monitor
  • Delivery: 7 - 10 days (among Europe) & up to 30 days worldwide
  • Returns: 14 days (among Europe)